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Naked by Essations Thermal Smoothing System
What is Thermal Smoothing?

Clients natural texture
hair blown out showing length
blown out striaght, heat activated system
Great body and shine. Layered hair cut
Great body and shine. Layered hair cut
NAKED ASSUAGE Thermal Smoothing Complex creates options for people with naturally curly hair. It elongates the curl pattern by 25-50% allowing people to achieve more “straight” looks without breaking any bonds. NAKED ASSUAGE Thermal Smoothing Complex prevents reversion and frizziness by sealing needed moisture in, and locking extra moisture out. It smoothes the cuticle layer and increases hairs’ tensile strength, for a more relaxed, silky, shiny, healthy and manageable head of hair.NAKED ASSUAGE thermal smoothing complex is a process that uses only organic ingredients and glyoxloyl keratin amino acids( Protein) to achieve manageability from dull brittle unmanageable hair.
                                   NO FORMALDEHYDE
                                 NO HARSH CHEMICALS
  • Best of both worlds ,can wear your hair a curly texture or silky straight​. Can interchange between the two styles with no heat damage.
  • Chemical Free, Not Permanant
  • Organic ingredients
  • Last 4 months, easy at home maintenance
  • Achieve hair that is silkier to the touch
  • Hair is stronger, Keratin amino acids adds needed protien to weaken hair.
  • Hair wave patteren is loosened by 25-50%
  • Does not break hair bonds like a relaxer or most Keratin/Brazilian hair systems.
  • Hair has a greater resistance to reversion in moist or high humidity weather
  • Provides freedom to workout
  • Great for transitioning clients
  • Great for clients with unmanageable natural hair.

Advantages of thermal smoothing
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includes thermal service, cut and style

Clients hair in natural state. Cients hair is very tightly coiled.
Protein is applied to elongate the curl pattern
Elongated curl pattern by 25%
Flatiron process, but client will wear her hair curly and have a more manageable hair.
10 yr old Clients natural hair state
Clients hair blown out after system was applied.
Blown out hair
Beautiful shine, strength and body. Great bob hair cut
Beautiful shine, strength and body. Great bob hair cut.
Clients natural hair state
Clients hair blown out after the system was applied.
Clients has dead ends so we did a layered cut.
Hair is shiny, stronger and full of body. Best of all she can still wear her curls.